What can I cover with an air-supported structure?

Just about anything. We cover everything from coal piles to soccer pitches to golf driving ranges. We can cover swimming pools, ice rinks, paintball arenas, warehouses, construction sites, baseball and softball fields, compost sites and even rooftop courts. There are certain applications Yeadon® does not recommend an air dome for, these include equine arenas and other animal parks. We have found over the years that animals are too sensitive to the pressure change of a dome and will not enter it.

How much does an air dome cost?

Air supported structures are a fraction of the cost of a traditional building. Domes range in price depending on the options you chose. Because we do not use a “cookie-cutter” model for our structures we cannot give you an exact price. However, many of our new domes start at just $17.00 per square foot making them one of the most economical options available on today’s market.

What kind of maintenance is involved with domes?

The maintenance on an air-supported structure is minimal. Changing light bulbs, snow removal, checking heating and blower equipment and testing the back up system is basically it. Yeadon® has a maintenance package available to customers as well which includes annual or bi-annual servicing of your structure by a Yeadon® field technician.

How much energy will my Yeadon® dome use?

Due to our combination Inflation/Cooling/Heating/Standby unit our domes are very efficient. For added efficiency Yeadon® can install our exclusive Snow/Wind sensor and automated heat/pressure controls. Contact us today for a region-specific energy consumption estimate.

My field/school/club is downtown, can you still put a sports dome over it?

Yes. We have many air structures in downtown areas, Boston College, Harvard University and Augsburg College to name a few. Since a dome goes over the top of your existing field or court we do not need much extra room for the installation. We have installed our air-supported structures inside of tracks and stadiums and between buildings many times, we even have a completely removable system that leaves no trace of a dome ever being on the field. Don’t have a separate field or court? That’s okay; we can put the dome on your roof!

What separates your company from the rest?

Yeadon® Fabric Domes is a full service company. That means we work with you from concept to design to installation to maintenance. We have over 30 years experience in the air structure industry and an impressive list of hundreds of clientele with numerous high profile projects and many returning customers. We do not subcontract our dome work, a certified Yeadon® technician will always be available for you. We use products manufactured in North America and stand behind every structure we build. While other companies may appear to have a similar product, only Yeadon® can give you the superior quality and experience that has been a part our company since the beginning.  


Hornets Nest_Small

Hornet's Nest Dome

Glouchester, Ontario
Multi-Sport Dome

330'L x 214'W 62'H

Mercer Small

Mercer Island Country Club

Mercer Island, Washington
Pool Dome
107'L x 110'W 30'H