Yeadon®’s Most Recent Successful Project April 2004

Yeadon® has just recently completed the second air structure ordered by Hydro Quebec for their James Bay site. This air structure installation houses a full size North American size ice hockey rink. There are also bleachers for spectators running the length of one side of the rink. This customer chose Yeadon® once again to provide another high quality air structure after their positive experience with their first air structure that Yeadon® had manufactured and installed in 1989.

The Sports Complex air structure is 220’ long by 122’ wide by 43’ high and it incorporates the best available components and options for an air structure. The outer membrane was made from Opaque White “Arctic” Tedlar®. The “Arctic” version of fabric was chosen in order withstand the rigors of the northern location. The structure is insulated and is efficiently heated by an electric furnace.

Yeadon® appreciates the support of our valued and trusted suppliers who ensured that this project would be a success.

Yeadon® Approved Suppliers for this Project

Algonquin Mech-Ext-02 Small

Sports Complex - 220' by 122' by 43'

Interior Pictures of Hockey Dome

Interior Pictures of Hockey Dome