January 2006 – Texas Longhorns Win NCAA Football Title

Yeadon® would like to congratulate the 2006 NCAA Football Champion University of Texas Longhorns on their Rose Bowl victory. The University of Texas went undefeated this season to claim the title over the USC Trojans. With the national title down to a final play, fourth down and five yards to go, University of Texas QB, VinceYoung, scrambled untouched for an eight-yard touchdown with 19 seconds left and the No. 2 Longhorns stunned No. 1 Southern California 41-38 in the Rose Bowl. 

Several years ago, the University of Texas decided that they needed to have an indoor practice facility installed on their campus and they contacted the industry leader, Yeadon®, to construct this indoor facility for them. The climate-controlled facility, which also is used by other University of Texas teams as well as the Longhorn Band, is a whopping 70,000 square feet and is 61 feet high at its peak. It has a full Astro Play football field and a set of goal posts in the north end zone. Because of Yeadon’s efforts, The Texas Longhorns now have full-squad workouts inside the new facility, and the dome allows the team to practice all phases of the kicking game, a much-needed luxury they did not have before the indoor facility was built. 

Before Yeadon® constructed the state-of-the-art air structure, the Longhorns coaching staff had to adjust the team's practice plans when the weather was too extreme for outdoor practice. Moving workouts to the covered Walter Fondren Roof not only forced the staff to break the practice into three separate sessions — one for offense, defense and special teams due to space constraints — but it also forced the players to spend a longer amount of time at the Moncrief-Neuhaus Athletics Complex while waiting for one group to finish. Now, with the indoor facility, the offense, defense, and special teams can practice together during times of extreme weather. 

Yeadon® is proud to be one of the reasons the Texas Longhorns are the NCAA Title holders this year, and hopefully with the help of our practice facility, and the amazing coaching staff at The University of Texas, the Longhorns will repeat their title again next year in the Rose Bowl. 

"The indoor facility is a great example of the tremendous support we have for our program…the impressive thing about it was how quickly it was accomplished. Our administration saw a need, got it done and we had it available to us by the middle of the season. It is state-of-the-art and first class.”
Mack Brown, Head Coach
Texas Longhorns Football

"I like to call the new bubble the eighth wonder of the world…until you've been inside it, you cannot have an appreciation for how much it adds to our program. In the past, we had to split up practice under the tent if the weather was bad, but now we can practice in there as a full team. The alumni and coaches have gone out of their way to make sure we have the best facilities in the country."
Tim Holloway, Senior Guard
Texas Longhorns Football

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Head Coach Mack Brown hoisting the Rose Bowl trophy

The University of Texas Indoor Practice Facility

Indoor view of University of Texas Practice Facility

Vince Young celebrating the 41-38 victory over USC