The Cutten Club Story July, 2003

When the Cutten Club ( of our own hometown of Guelph went to put up their tennis dome for the winter season last fall it was readily apparent that after 17 winter seasons, that their original Yeadon® dome was not going to be able to provide an 18th season. The reason for the sudden deterioration of their structure over the previous summer was that mildew had permeated substantial areas of the fabric, not only leaving unsightly stains but also emitting an overpowering odour that would prevent the use of the dome by the club members. Unfortunately there is not anything that could be done to a fabric structure once mildew has taken hold in the fabric other than replace it. The primary reason that this event occurred is that when the dome was taken down the previous spring the dome had not been properly prepared for summer storage by thoroughly drying out the structure before it was rolled up.

The Cutten Club Tennis Program was in serious jeopardy of being cancelled for the entire winter season of 2002 –3 if the air structure could not be replaced immediately. The club immediately sought bids to replace the air structure and once again they chose Yeadon® for the replacement structure because of the most competitive price, the assurance to deliver a new structure immediately and a 5 year contract to have the professionals at Yeadon put up, take down and store the structure. The Club wanted to ensure that there would not be a repeat of the events that destroyed their previous structure.

The Cutten Club awarded the contract to Yeadon on Friday October 11th, 2002. The Yeadon® factory immediately went to work to manufacture the 197 feet long by 118 feet wide by 36 feet tall and Yeadon’s professional team of installers put the dome up 15 days later on Saturday October 26th, 2002. The Club was able to have the courts in use for their members the following day. The Cutten Club correctly placed their faith in the experienced professionals at Yeadon® and lost only 2 weeks of court time when they were clearly in danger of losing the entire winter season. The club held a gala celebration on Friday November 8th, 2002 to showcase the new air structure to their members. The event was catered and featured a tennis match between the Cutten’s tennis pro and a visiting pro. Milosh Nadvornik, the President of Yeadon®, presented the Club with a new banner sign to help promote the tennis program at the club. For information about Cutten Club Tennis please contact the Tennis Club Manager Ms. Cherri Taylor at (519) 824-2650 ext. 236 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Preparing the Courts

Unpacking a Dome Section

Unrolling a Dome Section

Spreading the Sections

Preparing to Anchor the Dome Perimeter

Fans Turned On

Finishing up Installation