July 2006 – Yeadon® and the University of Toronto Varsity Centre

Yeadon® has recently been awarded the contract to build an air-supported structure at the brand new state-of-the-art facility at the University of Toronto. With work already well under way, Yeadon® is excited at the potential to provide University of Toronto students with a year-round athletic facility. The initial phase of the project will incorporate a 5,000 seat grandstand, a state-of-the-art artificial surfaced playing field, an 8-lane track, change rooms, lighting, and an electronic scoreboard.

In the subsequent phase, the Varsity Centre will include an air-supported structure (supplied by Yeadon) for athletic play in the winter months. The complete project is expected to cost in the range of $56 million dollars, with only $1 million of that cost being the air-supported-structure itself.

The team at Yeadon® is extremely excited to work with the University of Toronto on this project and will be anxious to see the results the air-supported structure will have on the University, it’s students, and the community of Toronto.

The structure itself will house over 114 intramural teams during the winter months, including indoor soccer, ultimate Frisbee, golf, flag football, volleyball, and so on. The structure will be built out of Seaman Corporation’s TEDLAR material and will cover an area of approximately 75,000 square feet. In the summer months the structure will be removed and the field will be exposed for all varsity sports including football, lacrosse and soccer.

Professor Bruce Kidd – Dean of The Faculty of Physical Education and Health

“The new varsity center will further our efforts to engage every U of T student, faculty and staff member, and a significant number of people from the community in healthy, physical activity”

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Varsity Centre being prepared for construction

Field ready for grade beam preparation

Artist's Conception of completed Varsity Centre

Artist's Conception of Varsity Centre with Air Supported Structure