March 2006 – The Greater Binghamton Sports Complex

Yeadon’s latest and greatest achievement has been the construction of the brand new Greater Binghamton Sports Complex. This gigantic air structure is the largest in the U.S. and measures over 125,000 sq. feet. 

The main purpose of the dome is to house the full size, artificially surfaced soccer field which measures 330’ x 210’ and can be split into 2 smaller fields measuring 195 x 95. Directly above the artificially surfaced field is a gorgeous, but extremely useful skylight (197’ 6” x 30’ 6”), that Yeadon® engineered into the dome to allow natural light onto the playing surface. Along with the dome, the complex contains several office spaces, a large restaurant, a cafeteria, and a party room for large gatherings.

The Binghamton Sports Complex is now home to the area’s BC United Soccer Association as well as softball, lacrosse, field hockey, football, rugby and even Frisbee teams from the area. The most amazing thing about the Binghamton Sports Complex is its ability to accommodate several sports at a time. For example, during the opening week of the sports complex, the dome held 2 full-field softball games, a batting practice and while all of this occurred, several people were taking their turn on the complex’s driving range. It was truly a remarkable site to see all this under one roof.

Greater Binghamton Sports Complex

The dome was assembled and inflated in under two weeks and instantly became a large attraction for the people in Binghamton and the city’s surrounding area. The Greater Binghamton Sports Complex is an engineering miracle and is one of Yeadon’s proudest achievements to date.

Check out the Binghamton Sports Complex website here:

Check out a short clip of our dome in action:

Dome in Action

Greater Binghamton Sports Complex

Greater Binghamton Sports Complex (535 x 235 x 68)

Interior Shot of Greater Binghamton Sports Complex