Yeadon's Most Recent Successful Project

Yeadon® has just recently completed the turnkey installation of a practice facility for the newest NFL team the Houston Texans. The Texans chose Yeadon® to provide a high quality air structure that has been erected in the shadow of their new stadium.

This air structure is 404’ long by 226’ wide by 96’ high and it incorporates the best available components and options for an air structure. The outer membrane was made from Opaque White Tedlar®. The structure is insulated and is both heated and air conditioned so that the Texans can maintain the ideal ambient temperature for their practice facility.

The most unique feature of this structure is that there is a 60’ wide by 70’ high blister at the one end of the structure. This custom designed blister was incorporated into the structure to accommodate a video camera tower so that the Texans can make stadium like videotape of their practice activity. Yeadon appreciates the support of our valued and trusted suppliers who ensured that this project would be a success.

Yeadon® Approved Suppliers for this Project

Houston Texans Practice Facility, Houston, Texas 404' x 226' x 96'

Interior Picture of Custom Designed Blister in dome to accommodate TV camera tower