Yeadon®'s Most Recent Golf Dome Project

For too long now, golfers in Erie Pennsylvania have had to partake in the painful ritual each winter of putting their clubs in storage and mournfully relegating themselves to dreaming of the first days of spring. When once again they could break out their clubs and revisit the game they think and dream about all winter long. To eliminate this depressing annual occurrence The Family First Sports Park chose Yeadon® to manufacture and provide the turnkey installation of their new golf dome at their facility in Erie.

This air structure is 310’ long by 200’ wide by 60’ high and it incorporates the best available components and options for an air structure. The majority of the outer membrane was made from Opaque fabric, white in colour with a Tedlar® topcoat. The structure is 80% insulated and houses a 38 station 2 tiered driving deck, an 18 hole miniature golf course and a practice putting green.

The driving end of the dome was constructed in blue fabric to provide the golfers with a strong background visual contrast so that they can see their golf balls clearly in flight. The entire driving range portion of the dome is netted to protect the inner fabric liner from the impact of the golf balls and ensure the fabric has a long serviceable life.

The most unique feature of this structure is that there is a 53’ wide by 220’ long Skylight in the roof of the structure. The skylight area of the dome was manufactured from translucent fabric and allows natural light into the structure. The skylight area of the dome is the only un-insulated portion of the entire membrane.

This Golf dome is located at:

The Family First Sports Park

Erie, PA

The dome’s hours of operation are:

Sunday to Thursday – 9 am to 9 pm
Friday to Saturday – 9 am to 11 pm

The Family First Golf Dome 310’ x 200’ x 60’

Interior picture of driving range

Interior picture of mini-golf and tiered driving deck