Yeadon® Domes for Mining and Construction

Mining and construction industries look to YeadonTM domes to solve storage problems, as well as for protection against the weather which allows large-scale projects to be completed in an indoor-like environment.

Mining companies also find YeadonTM mining domes ideal for covering and protecting rock crushing facilities, extraction, processing, bulk storage and more.

Success Stories

Genesee Dragline Project: 
YeadonTM was awarded the contract for an air structure that would enable the fabrication of one of the world’s largest draglines during the cold winter months.

To meet their extremely demanding timeline, the large 200’ wide x 300’ long x 58’ high membrane with tension relief cables was spread and erected over the partially fabricated dragline just 3 weeks from date of order.

Kidd Creek Mines Project: 
To provide access for oversize ore-bearing trucks, this project required installing a 150’ wide x 340’ long x 53’ high structure with tension relief cables, complete with two 75’ long vehicle airlocks.

Three inflation fans were used for this structure. One fan for inflation, one fan for standby and a third fan to balance the air handling requirements when dust collectors were in use.

Other mining and construction customers include:

  • Brunswick
  • Noranda
  • Alberta Power
  • HCH Miller Park Project
  • Landtek Group


Noranda Small
Noranda Minerals
Noranda, Quebec
Mining Dome
242’ L x 124’ W x 43’ L


Oscoda Plastics

Oscoda, MI
Storage Dome
320’ L x 118’ W x 36’ H