Yeadon® Football Domes

YeadonTM is the industry leader in air-supported indoor football structures and has numerous structures worldwide that allow year round football play. Our clear spans and up to 360’ widths allow for uninterrupted activity. Also, our efficient air conditioning and/or heat systems create a safe environment for players who are protected from the elements in any climate.

Yeadon’sTM football domes can extend your practice season and allow for year round play. YeadonTM air structures are a great recruiting tool as well. Many schools are also able to expand their athletics budget and create greater community involvement by renting out field time in their YeadonTM dome.

For both seasonal and permanent R-Plus applications, a YeadonTM sports dome can significantly extend the usable life of an artificial sports surface by protecting it from exposure to the harsh elements.

With all of the great benefits a YeadonTM dome provides a team it is no wonder world class teams like the NFL’s Houston Texans and the NCAA’s Texas Longhorns chose to play under them.

Contact us today to see what a YeadonTM dome can do for your team.

Yeadon® FootBall Domes - PDF 

Velodrome Sports Dome

NCAA Texas Longhorns
Austin TX
384' L x 184' W x 55' H 

Multi-Sport Dome

NFL Houston Texans
Houston TX
404' L x 226' W x 96' H