Yeadon® Multi-Sport Air Structures

Professional teams, universities and colleges, and municipal and private sports associations throughout North America demand low cost, wide, clear-span weatherproof structures to provide a climate controlled venue for activity – and protection for their practice fields and sports surfaces.

The answer in each case is a multi-purpose YeadonTM practice field dome.

For both seasonal and permanent R-Plus insulated applications, a YeadonTM sports dome can significantly extend the usable life of an artificial sports surface by protecting it from exposure to the harsh elements.

And because column-free YeadonTM air supported fabric structures can be constructed up to 360’ (110m) wide by any length, they’re ideal for football, soccer, rugby, tennis, field hockey, baseball, hockey and other sports.

No wonder YeadonTM domes are the choice of the Houston Texans, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Boston College.

Yeadon® Multiple Sports Venues - PDF 

ASU Dome2_Small

Arizona State University
Multi-Sport Dome
Tempe, AZ
420'L x 225'W x 66'H 


Vadnais Sports Complex

Multi-Sport Dome
Vadnais Heights, MN
450'L x 220'W x 70'H