University of Massachusetts – Amherst

Case Study

Seasonal Sports Dome in Amherst, MA provides a climate-controlled practice space for the UMASS football team, marching band and intramural teams. Before the dome, players had to practice only when the weather allowed, as Amherst’s inclement weather made outdoor practice difficult to maintain.

Project Details


Amherst, MA


Football/ multisport + band practice

Year Completed



240′ (w) x 400′(l) x 78 (h)

96,000 sq. ft.


Opaque Tedlar premium UV coating, custom colored interior


8 MBTU, dual inflation with integrated combination electric coil and propane


Revolving door / PAL combos 9 exit doors 1 VAL (12′ x 12′ x 42′)


144 suspended LED

Unique Features

Skylight to allow natural light
Kicking nets
Vaulted inflation units

PAL = personal air lock, VAL = vehicle air lock

Year round indoor domes

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