Domes are a big undertaking. Don’t worry – we’ll be there to guide you through every step. From custom designs and permit processes to installation and maintenance, we’ve got the experience and expertise to make it happen. Our skilled team is prepared to handle it all. We won’t be satisfied until you are. We’ll be sure to talk you through every detail of planning, installation, takedown, inspections, and customization options.

Customization Options

We know you want to stand out. That’s why we offer several customization options and upgrades. Some can save you on utilities by increasing energy efficiency. Others, like custom colors, can improve school spirit. Advertising and signage can bring in revenue to help you cover operating costs. Our sales team is ready to walk you through your options and find ways to make your future dome feel like the perfect fit. 

Fabric Color + Insulation

Custom coloring options can improve school spirit, boost team recognition, or match your dome to the landscape! R-14 insulation increases energy savings, preserves air temperatures and is available for year-round domes.

Lighting + HVAC

Utilities and power companies often offer incentives and rebates to facilities that switch to LED lighting. LED fixtures and upgraded HVAC equipment save energy and minimize ongoing utility costs.

Air Filtration

From smoke inhalation to pollution to airborne viruses, air quality is a concern for many communities across the globe. We’ve developed top of the line air handling equipment with dual HEPA and reverse ionization UV air filtration to keep your players safe.

Signs + Advertising

Branding, signage, sponsorships and advertising often brings in more than $50,000 of revenue for dome owners.Yeadon can create any size vertical or horizontal banner for interior or exterior use.

Design Support

We’re experts at indoor sports complex design and have worked with hundreds of architects, contractors, and communities. We’ll help with all your decisions about layout, site planning, dome features and more. Once you’re happy, we’ll prepare the site and get you playing in just a few short months! 

Layout Design

No two domes, sites, or clients are the same. However, after nearly 50 years, it’s pretty hard to throw us a curveball we can’t handle. Our sales and design teams listen to your needs and work closely with you to produce a bespoke, turn-key dome of your dreams.

Site Planning + Permitting

Whether you’re looking for a small pool dome or a 180,000 square foot multi-sport dome, we’ll find a way to make it yours. In addition to site preparation and logistics, Yeadon will support your team with information and ideas on how you can maximize your spaces for year-round play and revenue.

Building Code Compliance

We have unparalleled expertise on permitting, building codes and compliance. We ensure that we provide the specifications and drawings that will put your team in a position to win.

Dome Features

Yeadon’s domes are designed to be versatile, mixed-use facilities that can be configured to cover all regulation-size fields to accommodate a variety of sports. We’ve built domes with locker rooms, skylights, building attachments, and custom printed exteriors. Not sure your idea is possible? Talk to our team – we are in the business of finding a way to make it happen.


It takes experience to know how to unfold and inflate thousands of pounds of dome fabric. Yeadon’s expert service technicians know how to protect your dome and handle permanent or seasonal installation and takedown of your air-supported indoor sports facility.

Labor Coordination

Whether it’s working with local agencies to assemble the right team for installations or sending one of our experienced service technicians to give on-site assistance, we’ll be sure you have the help you need to keep your dome at peak performance.

Seasonal Install + Takedowns

Seasonal domes are up for the six to nine months when weather is most unfavorable. They are often taken down when it’s nice outside. It takes experience to know how to fold and pack away thousands of pounds of dome fabric. The twice-a-year ritual of installation and takedown is best done by Yeadon’s expert service technicians. Protect your investment by relying on several decades of expertise and allow us to help you coordinate installation and takedown of your seasonal dome.

Site Preparation + Cleanup

We aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty. We’ll work closely with you to ensure that your site is prepared for installation. Everything from grade beams, interior surfaces and adjacent areas can be carefully prepared so that installation goes smoothly. When we get there, we’ll do the heavy lifting. Don’t worry – our mom taught us manners, so we always clean up after ourselves. We’re guests on your turf, after all.

Equipment + Supervision

Not everyone has dome installation equipment lying in their storage closet, but Yeadon comes prepared. Our service technicians will be onsite making sure the entire team is prepared and professional through the entire installation and takedown process.


We’ve heard it time and time again: good defense is the best offense. Like any building, domes require regular maintenance. In addition to a comprehensive Operations Manual and Maintenance Checklist, we provide onsite and remote support that will prolong your dome’s lifespan. 

Field Maintenance

Whether it’s working with local agencies to assemble the right team for installations or sending one of our experienced service technicians to give on-site assistance, we’ll be sure you have the help you need to keep your dome at peak performance.

Labor Coordination

Whether it’s working with local agencies to assemble the right team for installations or sending one of our experienced service technicians to give on-site assistance, we’ll be sure you have the help you need to keep your dome at peak performance.

Backup + Automation Testing

One of the most welcome improvements in day-to-day inflatable dome maintenance is automation. Our system has been designed to be user-friendly, intuitive and easy to use from anywhere you’re connected to the internet. State-of-the-art wind, temperature and pressure sensors communicate with the system to make adjustments automatically.

Dome Inspections

Yeadon’s Service Team is available to perform regular site inspections so potential problems can be identified and resolved, including fabric integrity, door function, anchoring components, cabling, mechanical equipment checks, automation and dome operator training. If anything seems out of place, give us a call and we’ll be there to make it right!

Why Domes

Customized Designs. Lower costs. Less construction time. No more weather cancellations. Wide open space. Financially self-sustaining. Energy efficient. Automated. Year-round capabilities. Profitable. Reliable

Our signature asymmetrical ends and cabling systems mean that you’ll end up with the most playable space in the industry.

Show team spirit or feature sponsorships with customizable colors and logo placement.

The pioneers of dome insulation, we’ve spent years helping customers cut utility bills by nearly 50%. 

State-of-the art temperature, pressure, wind and snow sensors allow you to operate your dome remotely – or preset it to operate itself. 

We’ve developed technology to keep your teams safe.
From dual HEPA/UV air filtration to protection from extreme weather, you can rest assured that your players’ sole focus will be improving their game.

Whether you’re dreaming up a lobby, locker rooms, or a clubhouse, we’ve got seasoned industry veterans available to support you through design decisions and site preparation. 

Yeadon has you covered no matter the weather.

Protecting You

Yeadon offers a 20-year prorated fabric warranty on the outer fabric membrane of the structures. Domes are backed with a three-year fabrication warranty. All of Yeadon’s mechanical equipment and components carry a twenty-four month warranty.

Yeadon structures meet and exceed industry standards, including Air Structures Design and Standards Manual ASI, ASCE, CSA CAN-S109 and NPFA 701.